Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we simply monitor brain and muscle activity, sleeping position, and breathing while you are sleeping. There are no needles, drugs, or other invasive procedures.

Yes, depending on what kind of issues and problems you are experiencing a home sleep test is available. We’ll be able to establish what kind of sleep test is best for you based on information from your doctor and by talking to you.

Yes, whether you have a home sleep test or an in-center test, all patients must be referred to Somnos by a physician. Any licensed physician may refer a patient to Somnos

Somnos testing is significantly less expensive than identical tests conducted in hospital based sleep clinics. In today’s world of high deductibles paying less for an identical test is a definite plus.

We do our very best to make sure you are comfortable. You will stay in a private home like bedroom with a full or queen size bed. You can wear your usual bedclothes and bring whatever you need to help you sleep (such as your own pillow). A shower is available if you wish to shower after your sleep study. For many, our private, comfortable quite home like setting is preferable to a hospital environment.

Yes, Somnos is in network with most insurance providers including Medicare and Medicaid.

After receiving a doctors order We need 3 forms filled out. These can be filled out online by clicking here or you can call and we’ll do them with you over the phone.